My Vision for the GBC Presidency (Part 2)

Earlier I wrote a post about my desire to champion the new ReachingNextGen emphasis in our state.  The other reason I'd love to serve is to promote unity and cooperation among ALL Georgia Baptists.  While we have had seasons of unhealthy division in the past, we have made great progress in more recent years.

During my service as Chairman of the state Executive Committee, I have worked diligently to involve newer pastors, younger pastors, non-Anglo pastors, lesser-known men, and associational missionaries in the work of our Executive Committee.

I have worked to bring the state preaching conference into a relationship with the Executive Committee, providing a way for ALL Georgia Baptists to have a welcomed voice in the preaching conference.

My committee appointments have intentionally reached "across the aisle" of some of the unfortunate divisions in this state.  
Just talking about coming together is not enough.  We need leaders who will take unifying actions.  

While these bridge-building acts are too numerous to list here, key leaders from diverse backgrounds noticed them clearly.  They asked me if I would be willing to serve as your president.  Far from being a political group, it was simply a diverse group of men who want to see us work together, as do the vast majority of Georgia Baptists.

As the mission board faces important days of transition, now is the time for ALL Georgia Baptists to come together with a positive vision for missions and evangelism.
If you agree that we need to continue this cooperative spirit, I humbly ask for your help, your support, and your vote.  

The hour is too late and the need is too great to do any less.  Let’s continue to work together, unite this state convention, and win Georgia to Jesus!