The Implications of a Mutable God

Today in our sermon series on the attributes of God, I preached on the immutability of Christ.  That is, the Biblical doctrine that God never changes.  And more specifically, God not only does not change, God, by His very nature, cannot change.

Part of our study today introduced the church family to what is called "Process Theology."  In simple terms, this includes the notion that God Himself is in the process (hence, the name) of evolving and adapting to cultural trends and wishes.  Process theology is the philosophical mother of "liberation theology" which characterizes the preaching/teaching ministries of many liberal "reverends" like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Jeremiah Wright.

I illustrated this theological fallacy by highlighting several of its modern day manifestations.  I've taken the time to transcribe some of my comments for my blog readers.  I will simply call this, "The Implications of a Mutable God."

God used to be against homosexuality but that’s because He adapted to the bigoted culture of Abraham’s day. Today, He understands gay marriage is a civil rights issue and as NT believers we should be careful to “judge not lest we be judged.”

He used to be against adultery but that’s because He was a Puritan even before the Puritans came along. He had adapted to the patriarchal male-chauvinist views of Nathan’s day when the prophet confronted the King. Today, however, He gives peace to people who are breaking their vows because He wants you to be happy above all else.

He used to be in favor of justified righteous war but that’s only because He adapted to the militaristic patriotism of David’s day. But at some point since He commanded the military destruction of Damascus, Gaza, Tyre, Edom, Ammon, Moab, and others God has burned His draft card in protest to the military buildup of nations. (Please note that the use of the phrase, "justified righteous wars" implies the existence of unjustified and unrighteous wars as well).

Yes, it’s true that in New Testament times God understood the distinction between the call of individuals to turn the other cheek and the rights of and responsibilities of governments to enact justice and retribution with the sword, but since the writings of Peter and Paul, God has continued to mellow in His views on war. God is now more comfortable at a rally or a 9-11 conspiracy conference.

God used to be in favor of governments enacting the death penalty but that’s because He adapted to the totalitarianism of Moses’ day. But God no longer sees the distinction between individual vigilantes and ordained governments. He’s come of age and now favors life without parole, even for serial rapists and murderers.

God used to be opposed to premarital sex. But that was before the sexual revolution of the 1960’s and 1970’s. God read the Kinsey Reports and the writings of Masters and Johnson and realized His prohibitions were inhibiting people from being who He had actually created them to be. Faced with this Divine dilemma, God relented and now embraces a Laissez Faire attitude toward human sexuality. “Flee fornication” has become “If it feels good, do it.” Understand, we did not change our views on sexual immorality. God saw the error of His sexually oppressive ways and He changed.

God used to be opposed to killing the unborn. That’s why He destroyed the Ammonites for killing unborn babies. But that was before God read the US Constitution and found a penumbra lurking among the amendments. Now He has been enlightened by modern approaches to Constitutional law. Oh, don't misunderstand...He is still Personally opposed to killing the unborn but wonders if it’s really His place to tell someone else how they should and should not behave and what decisions they ought to make.

God used to be opposed to coarse language and crude humor. But that’s only because the Apostle Paul didn’t like it and God let Paul take the lead in Ephesians 5. But the Lord understands it’s increasingly necessary for preachers to be edgy, cool, and relevant. So He tolerates, and even encourages preachers and church leaders to adapt to the times even if it violates Scriptural prohibitions…those static, outdated and antiquated reminders of who God used to be.
By stark and sobering contrast, Numbers 23:19 says, “God is not a man that He should lie nor the son of a man that He should repent.”

If He was against it before, He’s still against it now.
If He was for it before, He’s still for it.
He has to be.
He does not and cannot change.