Summertime is for Worship

In the midst of all the summer vacations and family get-a-ways I pray that your house stays connected to the things of the faith this summer.  Here are a few pastoral suggestions to help you make your summer full of both fun and faith:

1. Attend worship services while you are out of town. Often times a family goes on vacation and misses the Sundays on both ends of their vacation week. This is an understandable way to stretch those precious family days. But if the vacationing family skips church while out of town, they’ve missed 2 weeks of corporate worship in a row. This provides a poor spiritual example for your children and establishes the dangerous habit of forsaking the assembly of God’s people.

Last year on summer vacation our family attended First Baptist Church of Fernandina Beach and in the fall we went to First Baptist Church of Ellijay. Not only were we blessed by the wonderful music and messages, but it taught our children some invaluable lessons. From Orlando to Sevierville, I know great churches in lots of prime vacation spots. Let me know if you need a suggestion.

2. Be in your place of service at EBC while you are in town. Summer is full of blessings but it is also filled with distractions. When you are in town, be sure to keep your commitment to Emmanuel. We will still be in need of ushers, greeters, SS teachers, choir members, nursery workers, etc. Lost people will still be dying without Christ in June, July, and August. Since you will be gone a lot, make sure you are serving faithfully when you are at home.

3. Enjoy the time with your family. Don’t feel guilty about taking well-deserved time away with your family. They won’t be around forever! Investing into your children’s lives and your spouse’s life is a Biblical thing. Don’t take it for granted. In a few weeks I intend to do some Biblical parenting…making sand castles with Sarah on Amelia Island, watching Andrew cannonball off the diving board at the pool, and collecting seashells with Michaela!

June marks 10 years I’ve been your pastor. They’ve been 120 of the most blessed months of my life. I intend to celebrate by being here 9 out of 10 Sundays this summer. I hope to see you here!