I thoroughly enjoy preaching through books of the Bible.  It is by far my favorite type of preaching/teaching.  I have recently finished a year-long study of Mark's gospel.  Taking 48 lessons, we went straight through this fast-paced gospel account.  The only parts we skipped were passages I'd recently preached before the series began.

On Wednesday nights I am actually in the process of repeating a series through Jude.  Originally presented in 2007, "Contenders" deals with our commandment to earnestly contend for the faith (Jude 3).  This 9-part series will be taught almost verbatim from its 2007 form.  That's because few things change when it comes to heresy and apostasy.

On Sunday mornings, I am about to begin a thematic series called, "Bad Boys of the Bible."  While each sermon will be an exposition of a text, the common thread is topical in nature.  The characters dealt with in this series are all men who made major spiritual errors in their life.  Titles will include:

Amnon Had a Friend (Amnon and Jonadab)
The Playboy's Payday (Samson)
The Way of Cain (Cain and Abel)
The Family Feud (Jacob and Esau)
Sin in the Camp (Achan)
Thou Art the Man (David)
Three's a Crowd (Lamech)
The First Shriner (Micah)

There may be a few additional sermons in this series.  But I think it will be a compelling and cautionary look at the lives of men who failed the Lord in profound ways.

It's been said that a fool will not learn from his mistakes, a smart man will learn from his mistakes, and a wise man will learn from someone else's mistakes.  Many of the men in this series genuinely loved the Lord.  But they allowed sin to mar their reputation and sully their names.  I pray we can all learn from their mistakes lest we make them ourselves.

I am looking forward to this series of messages.  I pray my EBC family will be present for each and every one.