Parent/Baby Dedication

One of the great joys of pastoring a growing church is officiating parent/baby dedication.  With a vibrant and young congregation it is a regular occurrence.  In fact, I am told something is in the water at EBC :)

On Monday of this week I had the blessing to visit in the home of one of our members who informed me that he and his wife were expecting.  On Tuesday I was in the home of another couple as they welcomed their new-born son home from the hospital.  After preaching mid-week service on Wednesday, I saw another couple on the church playground with their 2 kids.  They had the same joy-filled announcement!

And to think, none of that even counts the 13 children we will dedicate to the Lord this Sunday evening as part of our day-long celebration of motherhood.  We know this ceremony is not salvific in any way.  But it is a glorious picture of a time when Mom and Dad commit themselves to raise their child in the nurture and admonition of our Lord.

The cameras will be flashing and the camcorders will be rolling (do digital cameras actually "roll?") as we have a blessed time in the Lord's house this Sunday night.  And it will be a delight of all delights to "officially" begin my time serving as pastor to the newest members of our extended EBC family.  Emmanuel, I've told you many times.  My great delight is to be my wife's husband, my kids' Daddy, and a pastor to God's people. 

Bring an open Bible and a warm handshake Sunday night.  We are going to have a great time in Jesus along with a house full of guests!