In Everything Give Thanks

It was already promising to be a very busy weekend.  There was a Friday afternoon trip to Griffin, GA for a camp-out/birthday party for my nephew, time at the in-laws, a late Saturday evening wedding for my cousin in Macon, GA, preaching 2x Sunday morning, doing a Sunday afternoon wedding on St. Simon's for our nursery director, and an evening service back at EBC.

Feeling totally overwhelmed, I took Sarah to breakfast this morning for our weekly date.  When I got home about 9:45 I sat down to finalize Sunday morning's sermon.  Andrea had taken Sarah with her to go to the kids' field day at school.  I wanted to go but sermon prep was calling and Sunday was coming!

I had been sitting at the computer working on Mark 3 when I heard a noise.  It sounded like it had come from the back yard.  I was supposed to be home by myself so I got up to investigate.  That's when I heard the water running.  Had the sprinkler system come on by itself?

Walking into our new master closet (on the back corner of the house) I saw water running into the floor from underneath the wall.  When I ran outside to cut the water supply to that section of the house I saw water pouring out of the eaves of the house.

I immediately knew what had happened.  My long weekend had just gotten longer.

Last summer we added on a small bathroom and a master closet.  I had already discovered (several months ago) that one of the 2 plumbers we used on the project did NOT glue all the CPVC joints.  Just a simple oversight.  An honest mistake.  He'd obviously dry-fitted the plumbing and then gone back and glued the joints...well...most of them anyway.

One missed joint revealed itself when we first turned the water on back in September.  Today, about 8 months later, another unglued joint made its presence known.  This line ran overhead, in the ceiling above the new closet.  Why today?  I will never know.  And I doubt it will make my list of "top questions" to ask Jesus in eternity :)

As of this moment, I've pulled up the decking in the attic, glued (as opposed to re-glued) the joint, taken all the wet attic insulation into the back yard, taken the siding off the back corner of the house, removed that insulation, and offered a few prayers that the sheetrock dries before it starts buckling too badly.

In all this, I have a few things to be thankful for.

1.  I was home and heard the joint "pop."  A few more hours and we would have been gone for about 36 hours.  As bad as it was today, it would have been worse to find it at midnight Saturday night.  If 3-4 minutes made that much damage, I'd hate to see 1.5 days' worth.

2.  I know how to fix the stuff myself.  As a pastor, I can't afford to get into a debate with a local plumber.  It's just not a good testimony for me.  So we pastors kind of "take one for the team" on things like this.  Besides, it was just an honest mistake that could happen to anyone.  My insurance agent said my deductible was $1,000.  So...into the attic I go.

3.  It's a hot sunny day.  Really hot for ripping siding off your house or working in the attic...but a GREAT day to dry out insulation :)

4.  I did not get angry.  Several months ago when I preached a sermon called, "Taming the Temper" I confessed that God was dealing with me about getting frustrated too easily.  My anger is not typically one that shows itself.  It's the slow-burning internal kind.  Just as dangerous, mind you.  And just as sinful.

But I was about 2 hours into this project when it hit me...I've not gotten frustrated at all about this situation.  And believe me, this hectic weekend would have been the weekend to get really upset.  I cannot boast in my lack of anger.  It's just God's santifying grace in my life.  But I am so very thankful for it.

5.  In the last few hours I've been reminded how blessed I am.  For starters, this whole incident happened because of an ADDITION onto our house.  Secondly, I already have every tool and supply I need.  I could list them all but you get the idea.  We've got a lot of stuff.  This project is going to cost me about $5 for a new can of CPVC glue (and an awful lot of elbow grease!)

I've only stopped to take a break from the heat.  When the sun goes down I will start rebuilding the back corner of my house...a modest but nice home where 1 blessed pastor lives with his beautiful bride, his precious kids, and his grateful heart.