Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

This Sunday at EBC, we will be observing Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.  I had originally considered preaching on racism as a sanctity of human life issue.  We will be blessed that our student pastor (Brother Philip Tyre) will be dealing with that subject in the evening service.

But my thoughts were changed and my direction was turned by a few emails I received from ladies in our church.  So this Sunday morning, I will be sharing a Biblical backdrop for these 3 ladies' testimonies.  Sadly, there are many others in our church who could testify about the issue of abortion.  But I am looking forward to hearing from these 3 Godly women as they share about their journey toward truth, grace, redemption...and life.

Shockingly, I was recently speaking to the member of a church where the pastor has been a virtual "who's who" among Southern Baptist preachers.  He's climbed about as high on the denominational ladder as you could go.  This dear sister said, "I don't know that our pastor has ever preached on that subject.  He really avoids controversy and tries to keep it in the middle-of-the-road."

While I grant that this woman's report about her pastor may not be accurate, it did cause me to consider (in a generic sense)...

A man of God who won't stand unapologetically for life is NOT, in fact, a man of God.  He may be a great politician or pulpiteer...but the blood of the apostles and prophets doesn't course through his veins.

I am blessed that this Sunday I will be joined by 3 of our dear sisters to stand for life.  It should be one of the most powerful services we've ever had on this subject.