Finishing Strong

Tomorrow morning I have the privilege of preaching about a special two-Sunday offering we will be receiving this Fall.  It is going to be a great joy to finally be debt-free as a church. 

Church members, please use the logo contained in this blog post to make your own personal "offering box" for yourself and your family.  Just click on this picture and your computer will take you to a screen where you can "right mouse click" and save this logo to your computer.

I think for our three children we will use three old coffee cans, one for each child.  We will probably let them decorate it themselves and glue or tape this logo on the box.  Using something like MS Word or MS Publisher we will probably personalize the label for each child.

Of course you can use other items such as shoe boxes, milk jugs, mayonnaise jars, etc.

Just use this logo to make this entire emphasis a special time of reflection and gratitude for your whole family.

Looking forward to finishing strong,
Pastor Mike