First Aid for the Family

This Sunday morning I am beginning a 4-part series on the family. It has been several years since I have really preached a family series and my pastoral discernment tells me the time is right. Our series is going to be called, "First Aid for the Family." The Scripture text will be taken from Ephesians 5:21-6:4 and will cover 4 topics.

Sunday, March 7
Doctor Dad

No one in the entire household is better positioned to remedy what ails the family than Daddy. Oh, yes, others need to cooperate but it begins with a properly trained and well-equipped husband and father. When it comes to "First Aid for the Family" God is calling on husbands to step up and be trained as family doctors!

Sunday, March 14
Nurse Mom

I wish every husband had the privilege of being married to a woman like my wife, Andrea. This second message will include a lot of instruction about being a Christ-honoring wife. Of course, I know nothing about that personally :) but I've learned a lot from reading the Bible and watching my bride.

Sunday, March 21
Raising Healthy Kids in a Sick World

As a parent of young children, this has been the most challenging part of my sermon preparation. The world we live in is infecting our children with spiritual viruses of the worst kind. God has called their mother and me to stay by their "sick-bed" 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and do all we can to keep them healthy. With a strong word to parents about their responsibilities to their kids, this may be the most sobering sermon in the series.

Sunday, March 28
Following Doctor's Orders

In His infinite wisdom, God knows that children need training and instruction. And no one is better able to write that spiritual prescription than Mom and Dad. In this final message, I will share a pastoral plea with young children to honor and obey their parents. Following these doctor's orders will result in their good and the glory of God...just what the Great Physician ordered.