Building a Christian Home

Sunday morning in our series, "First Aid for the Family" I shared a quote from Larry Fowler's book, "Raising a Modern Day Joseph."  After multiple requests I've decided to post the quote.  I wholeheartedly recommend the entire book.

You simply won’t succeed without consistent, committed involvement of the parents working hand in hand with your church. Why? Because for the Christian youth, the home is the most important element.  Without the cooperation of the Christian home, the child is being told Christianity is one thing at church and seeing something entirely different at home.

A youth from a non-believing home doesn’t expect home life to be like what the church says – so there is little confusion. Not so with a youth from an uninvolved, unspiritual “Christian” home!”  In fact, the highest risk young person is not the one from a non-believing home but rather one from a hypocritical Christian home.