The Most Dangerous Place in America

On this Sanctity of Human Life Sunday I was thinking about the most dangerous place to live in America.

According to information received from the US Centers for Disease Control, the #1 killer in America takes more lives than heart disease and cancer combined.

The top US killer takes more lives than strokes, lung disease, accidents, pneumonia, suicide, diabetes, kidney failure, liver disease, and HIV/AIDS combined.

The #1 killer in America snuffs out the lives of 88x more people than "homicide" as defined by the government.

According to numbers from the Alan Guttmacher Institute, this #1 killer ends the lives of about 1.3 million Americans each year...that's about 1 life every 26 seconds on average.

I decided to get some information from the Federal Bureau of Investigations. It seems that in Fresno, CA and in Buffalo, NY there is 1 murder per week. There are about 2 murders per week in Boston, MA and Cincinatti, OH. More than 4 people are murdered each week in Dallas, TX while Houston, TX and Detroit, MI loose 6 citizens per week to homicide. Atlanta, GA and Miami, FLA make the infamous list with 1 murder occurring every single day.

But by far the most dangerous city to live in (as far as murder rates) is Los Angeles, CA. In the Greater-LA area there are about 3 murders every single day.

That's 1 murder for every 11,364 residents of Los Angeles. Hold that thought.

Back to our #1 killer...

If it takes the lives of 1.3 million Americans each year, then based on a national population of roughly 300 million, that means this top killer takes 1 life for about every 230 people.

Let's get this straight...The murder-capital of America sees 1 death annually for every 11,364 residents. But the #1 killer in the USA takes the life of 1 person for every 230 citizens. That means the #1 killer in America is 49X more deadly than the gang-infested streets of LA.

It is painfully obvious and statistically irrefutable that the most dangerous place to live in America the womb of your own mother.

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