Fitzgerald Men's Conference

This weekend I will be preaching at an area men's conference in Fitzgerald, GA. Hosted by Arbor Baptist Church, you can find out more at

Keeping with the theme, "Preparing for Battle...Everyday" the Lord has laid 4 messages on my heart.

When Warriors Need to Retreat
A frank message on sexual sin, this is one area God does not tell us to fight but to flee. There's no shame in retreating from this battle.

A Soldier I'd Like to Meet
Based on a day in the life of King Saul, we'll examine the damage that one day of spiritual disobedience and failure can make in the life of one of God's soldiers.

Battlefield Casualties
We will spend Saturday morning examing 2 aspects of David's sin with Bathsheba. This first lesson deals with the causes that led to David's backslidden condition and his infamous sin.

War Reparations
To victor goes the spoils. To the loser goes the war reparation payments. This 2nd lesson on David and Bathsheba will investigate the price David ultimately paid for losing this skirmish.
If you are anywhere near Fitzgerald, come over and join us Friday night and Saturday morning.