My Prayer for 30 Days

Yesterday morning in the 9am worship service, Dr. Paige Patterson preached an incredible message from Exodus 1:15-21. The gist of the message was comparing the midwives of Pharaoh's day to the soul-winners of today. In essence, they helped superintend the birthing process of precious new babies in the same way soul-winners assist new believers in coming to Christ.

It was an incredible message, as was the sermon he preached in the 10:30 service. Both can be heard at

During the invitation of the 9am service, Dr. Patterson encouraged us all to pray the following prayer every day for 30 days. I prayed it in the service yesterday, but I consider today, March 9th as Day #1. The 3-part prayer is simple, yet profound.

1. Lord, give me an opportunity to share the gospel today.

2. Lord, give me the wisdom to recognize it when it happens.

3. Lord, give me the courage to act on the opportunity.

Tonight about 7:30pm, I had the blessing to be a spiritual assist a grown man in the process of being born again (John 3). I am ashamed to admit it, but even though I am a well-paid, full-time vocational minister of the gospel, this was the first person I led to faith in Christ in my private witnessing in weeks. (In this context, preaching and office visits don't count)

I also witnessed to 2 other people today. Again, I am embarassed to admit it, but this is the first time in a long time that I witnessed to 3 people in the same day in an intentionally evangelistic manner.

I'm sure it had nothing to do with the prayer :) but I think I'll keep praying it anyway!