Remember the Alamo

As part of our Sunday morning series through the book of the Revelation, I came across this quote from John Stott describing the church at Sardis, and unfortunately describing many of our churches today.

John Stott – “We can have a fine choir, an expensive organ, good music, great anthems, and fine congregational singing. We can mouth hymns and psalms with unimpeachable elegance while our mind wanders and our heart is far from God. We can have pomp and ceremony, color and ritual, and yet be offering a worship to God which is not perfect or fulfilled in His sight.”

On the morning of February 22 I will be preaching on the church at Sardis from Revelation 3:1-6. My title is "Remember the Alamo." Attendees will understand the title before the teaching concludes. If you miss the service you can find the audio at