Guest Speakers in March

I am very excited about all God has in store for us in the month of March. In addition to our regular services and our studies in Revelation, Galatians, and Amos, we are going to be blessed by two wonderful guest preachers. Dr. Paige Patterson will be with us on the morning of March 8th in both services. Dr. Phil Hoskins will preach our Spring Revival scheduled for March 22-25.

Dr. Paige Patterson is one of the most influential Christian leaders of our time. You will most likely not see him listed as such in TIME Magazine but it is true nonetheless. Dr. Patterson is one of a very small group of men who in the 1970’s and 1980’s helped lead the Southern Baptist Convention back from the precipice of liberalism. As a tireless advocate for Biblical inerrancy, Dr. Patterson worked to “sound the alarm” about the encroaching apostasy and heresy within our SBC seminaries at that time.

Through his efforts and by God’s grace, Southern Baptists were able to elect leaders like Adrian Rogers, Jerry Vines, and Charles Stanley as our convention presidents. Using their ability to appoint Bible-believing men and women to various committees in the life of our denomination, the tide of liberalism was eventually stemmed. No major denomination has ever been returned to its conservative roots once it headed down the path of liberalism. Our own SBC stands as the sole exception to this rule and we owe that fact to the Lord Jesus and to the work of men like Dr. Paige Patterson.

Dr. Patterson is currently serving Southern Baptists as the President of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. Prior to that position he served as the president of Criswell College and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Southern Baptists acknowledged a lifetime of devoted service by electing Dr. Patterson as president of the Southern Baptist Convention, a position he held from 1998-2000.

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Dr. Phil Hoskins is the senior pastor of the Higher Ground Baptist Church in Kingsport, Tennessee. HGBC had about 200 members when Dr. Hoskins accepted the pastorate there in 1991. Today, membership exceeds 3,500 with 2,800 of those additions coming by baptism. Dr. Hoskins is one of the most in-demand preachers in Southern Baptist life today. We will be blessed, encouraged, and strengthened by God’s ministry to us through Pastor Phil.

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While every Sunday is an important day in the Lord’s house, I pray you will make a special commitment to these dates. We are going to experience the hand of heaven each time we gather this month. As your pastor I desire for you to be here to receive each and every blessing!